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Examining the Condition of South Africa’s Road Network



South Africa's Road

A recent investigation delving into the condition of South Africa’s road network has revealed a disturbing reality of extensive disrepair. Potholes, traffic congestion, and various other challenges have emerged as significant risks confronting drivers and passengers as reported by eNCA.

During the investigation, several key findings emerged:

  • Potholes are a prevalent and concerning problem across South African roads. They not only contribute to accidents and injuries but also cause damage to vehicles.
  • Traffic congestion is another major issue plaguing South African roads. It leads to delays and frustration among drivers and increases air pollution.
  • Many roads in South Africa suffer from inadequate maintenance, resulting in hazardous conditions for motorists.
  • During the investigation, reporters spoke with motorists who expressed dissatisfaction with the roads’ poor state and the associated dangers drivers and passengers face.

“The roads are in an appalling condition,” lamented one motorist. “Potholes are scattered everywhere, making driving a nightmare.”

Another motorist shared, “I’ve had to repair my car twice in the past year due to potholes. It’s costing me a fortune.”

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Furthermore, they contacted the Department of Transport, the governing body responsible for maintaining the country’s road network. As a result, the department acknowledged the problems identified and assured that efforts were underway to address them.


“We are fully committed to enhancing the condition of our road network,” stated a department spokesperson. “Several ongoing projects are focused on pothole repairs and traffic management improvements.”

Despite these assurances, many motorists remain sceptical regarding the government’s commitment to effectively improve the state of the road network.

“I’ve heard promises being made for years, but there is little progress,” expressed a frustrated motorist. “I’m gradually losing hope.”

The poor state of South Africa’s road network presents a severe challenge. It not only jeopardises the safety of drivers and passengers but also results in significant economic losses amounting to billions of rands. Therefore, urgent and decisive action is required from the government to address and rectify these issues plaguing the road network.

Take a look at the investigation covered by eNCA:


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Photo: YouTube / @eNCA

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