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Fleurhof residents threaten further protests if demands remain unaddressed



Fleurhof residents will protest again if their demands aren't met

Fleurhof residents will protest again if their demands aren’t met. Previously, on Thursday, May 18, roads in and out of Fleurhof were rendered inaccessible as residents expressed their frustration during a service delivery protest.

They used barricades of rocks, burning tires, and rubble to block critical routes, causing disruptions along Meadowlands and Main Reef Road. This protest marked the latest response from the community, who felt their grievances had gone unanswered for far too long. It had been a month since they handed over a memorandum of demands to the premier’s office in April.

Selby Leshaba, one of the community leaders, expressed disappointment after a meeting with the mayor’s office yielded no tangible results. Feeling deceived and disheartened by the lack of progress, the community decided to stage another shutdown.

“When we convened the meeting, the resolution was to engage, but how can we engage on such crucial matters when we have nothing? We expected them to come prepared, but City Power claimed they had no budget, Joburg Water and housing were in the same predicament. It became clear that they were taking us for granted,” Leshaba explained.

Residents firmly believe the government has let them down, citing ongoing issues such as illegal mining, insufficient infrastructure, and poor services. After 14 years of living in the area without substantial development, the residents saw the shutdown as their last resort to gain the government’s attention.


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Leshaba highlighted the pressing need for essential infrastructure, including additional schools, a clinic, and a dedicated police station to serve the community. The residents feel that the current resources allocated by Florida SAPS are inadequate to meet their needs.

Expressing their dissatisfaction, Leshaba emphasised, “We are deeply disappointed by the numerous issues that the government has failed to address. As a community, we feel abandoned.”

City of Johannesburg Mayor Kabelo Gwamanda, accompanied by former JHB housing MMC Dan Bovu, acknowledged the residents’ concerns and pledged to form a task team dedicated to intergovernmental relations. This team will closely monitor the progress of the issues raised in the memorandum and engage with relevant stakeholders to find sustainable solutions.

While addressing the community, Mayor Gwamanda requested patience regarding the demolition of the hostel, explaining that officials must handle the demolition with sensitivity to avoid infringing on the occupants’ human rights. However, his remarks were met with disapproval and groans from residents, who argued that they had been waiting for years, feeling that the government was violating their rights as citizens.


“I am fully committed to working with experts to implement immediate and long-term solutions so that we do not find ourselves facing the same problems repeatedly. You will begin to witness positive changes in the community within the given timeframe,” assured Mayor Gwamanda, underscoring his dedication to improving service quality and prioritising community safety.

Source: Fleurhof residents vow to return to the streets if demands aren’t met

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