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Former Benoni Resident’s Book Soars to Top of UK Bestseller List



Gavin Weir, a former Benoni resident, has skyrocketed to success on the Amazon bestseller charts with his book delving into the “hilarious” and “poignant” moments of growing up in the town during the 1970s.

Surpassing works by prominent figures like Jeremy Clarkson and Ian Wright, Weir’s memoir titled “Mr One Hundred Billion” has secured the fourth position in the top 100 list of biographies and memoirs of journalists on

Readers from various countries, including the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and beyond, have showered it with five-star ratings, praising it as an “unputdownable,” “brilliant,” and “piercingly honest” read.

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Weir, now 60 years old, began his career as a reporter for the Germiston City News in 1982 and later worked for the Springs Advertiser in the 1980s. In 1999, he relocated to England and currently holds the position of senior sub-editor at The Times in London.


The overwhelming success of “Mr One Hundred Billion” has taken Weir by surprise. He remarked, “I anticipated selling only a few dozen copies, mostly to friends and family. However, the response has been tremendous.”

He continued, “I underestimated the profound desire for books that remind us of our youthful selves, brimming with hopes, dreams, and aspirations. The daily grind of life takes its toll on all of us. I aimed to alleviate that burden, even if only for a day, by reconnecting with my ten-year-old self and recalling the peculiarities of my childhood.”

The book’s blurb intriguingly cautions that while it presents “the truth and nothing but the truth,” it is not the complete truth. Weir admits that he has omitted certain details to avoid potential lawsuits from individuals who, like him, have grown into responsible, law-abiding adults and prefer to keep their challenging early years hidden from the world.

Weir elaborated, “I have predominantly used first names without surnames for everyone’s safety. I believe it’s a prudent choice.”

“Mr One Hundred Billion” is available as an ebook from the Amazon bookstore and can be read on various devices such as Kindle, home computers, iPads, tablets, or even cellphones by simply downloading the free Kindle app.


Source: Former Benonian’s book a top seller in the UK

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