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Buccleuch residents protest outside Eskom’s Megawatt Park in Sunninghill



Buccleuch took their fight to Eskom

Buccleuch took their fight to Eskom as frustrated residents gathered outside Megawatt Park on Maxwell Drive in Sunninghill to protest against the persistent power outages they have endured for the past two weeks.

The determined residents brandished placards and brought along their spoiled perishable goods, intending to dump them at the entrance of the power utility. Their objective was clear: to demand answers from Eskom.

Amidst singing and chanting, the residents voiced their demands for Eskom officials to step outside and address their concerns regarding restoring power.

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Seshma Bhoopal, one of the affected residents, expressed the gravity of the situation, stating, “Today, we have come here to ensure that Eskom not only listens to us but also expedites the process of fixing and restoring power in Buccleuch.”


Bhoopal emphasised that their fight was on behalf of all Buccleuch residents, and they were ready to go to great lengths to obtain the answers they sought, even if it meant taking drastic measures today.

This current development continues to show the effects load shedding has on South African residents.

Source: Powerless Buccleuch takes their fight to Eskom

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Picture: Twitter / ScrrreamingPink

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