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Cape Town Crowned SA’s Premier City While Joburg Secures 3rd Place



Cape Town - The Most Beautiful City In The World! - Cape Town

Cape Town has been ranked as Africa’s top city brand and 60th globally, as revealed by the Brand Finance City Index. The rankings, were based on a comprehensive global survey conducted in April as reported by News 24.

Nearly 15,000 respondents from 20 countries across all continents participated, providing their perceptions of the world’s top 100 cities.

According to the index, London secured the top spot as the world’s best city brand, followed by New York and Paris.

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Cape Town’s prominent position as a continental leader can be attributed to its status as South Africa’s most visited city, renowned for its appeal as a destination. The city’s natural beauty, including its breathtaking coastline, mountains, and diverse landscapes, makes it an alluring tourist hotspot on a global scale.


Moreover, Cape Town boasts a rich cultural heritage, ranking 33rd for its diversity and multiculturalism. It offers warm hospitality and a range of adventurous attractions, making it an attractive choice for visitors. The city’s affordability (ranked 15th) and pleasant weather (ranked 18th) further contribute to its popularity among international tourists.

The survey evaluated familiarity to provide a comprehensive assessment of the city brands in the ranking. It sought respondents’ opinions on each city’s general reputation and personal considerations as a place to live, work locally, work remotely, study, retire, visit, or invest in. These dimensions were complemented by perceptions of 45 underlying city brand attributes, grouped into seven pillars such as business, investment, sustainability, and transport.

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While Cape Town faces socio-economic challenges, it still received a positive ranking for future growth potential, securing 18th globally. This can be largely attributed to its thriving tourism industry, which presents opportunities for economic development and job creation. Additionally, Cape Town’s strategic location as a major port and transportation hub in South Africa provides a gateway to trade and investment prospects, particularly with emerging markets in Africa.

In the Brand Finance City Index, Johannesburg, following Cape Town and Egypt’s Cairo (67th), ranked as the 72nd best city brand worldwide and the third in Africa. However, the city’s low perception of crime levels (ranked 76th) hindered its overall score. On a positive note, like Cape Town, Johannesburg received high marks for future growth potential, securing the 25th spot globally.

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Source: Facebook / @ Brand Finance

While not as popular as Cape Town among tourists, Johannesburg is widely recognised as the economic powerhouse of South Africa and a significant financial and business hub in Africa. The city boasts a robust economy, a large and skilled workforce, and numerous universities.

Jeremy Sampson, managing director of Brand Finance Africa, emphasised the need for South African cities to focus on promoting their vibrant cultural scenes, sustainable urban development, and infrastructure investment. He further emphasised the importance of prioritising safety, inclusivity, and social equality to create welcoming environments that encourage tourism and foster positive global perceptions in the years to come.

South Africa’s exceptional beauty, extraordinary diversity, and lively reputation for tourism make it a remarkable nation. By emphasising cultural vibrancy, sustainable development, and safety, South African cities can enhance their global appeal and establish themselves as highly attractive destinations in the future.

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Source: Facebook / @Cape Town – The Most Beautiful City In The World!

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