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Gauteng Sees ‘Concerning’ Matric Exam Absenteeism Rate



Gauteng Sees 'Concerning' Matric Exam Absenteeism Rate

The 2023 matric exams began on Monday, including English Home Language Paper 1 and English First Additional Language Paper 1. While most districts in Gauteng proceeded without issues, there were notable instances of absenteeism among candidates as reported by Jacarandafm.

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According to Steve Mabona, the Gauteng Education spokesperson, the Tshwane West district saw a majority of full-time candidates present for the exams. However, eight candidates opted not to write due to various reasons, including not feeling prepared and unknown whereabouts. Additionally, three candidates were unable to write as they were hospitalised due to health issues.

In Ekurhuleni South, most full-time candidates successfully completed their exams. However, one candidate was found with a cell phone in the exam centre, violating exam regulations, which could impact their results.

Part-time candidates from all districts exhibited a concerning rate of absenteeism. Mabona emphasised the importance of candidates upholding their commitments by signing the NSC pledge. He reminded candidates to adhere to exam rules and regulations to ensure the integrity of the examinations and safeguard their future. Unwarranted absenteeism was strongly discouraged.


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