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Gayton McKenzie’s Solution to End Load Shedding in 12 Months



Mr. Gayton McKenzie, the former Mayor of Central Karoo, has been actively working towards ensuring that South Africans receive the high level of service delivery they deserve. In his efforts, he has been vocal in criticising fellow politicians who have made little to no progress in improving the lives of local citizens, as reported by Opera News.

Load shedding has emerged as one of the most pressing challenges facing South Africa in recent times. Eskom, the state-owned electricity utility, reported that as of February 28, 2023, over 23 GW of generation capacity was offline.

Out of this, more than 19 GW was unavailable due to unplanned breakdowns, while an additional 4.2 GW was undergoing planned maintenance. Government data reveals that South Africa has approximately 54 GW of installed power generation capacity.

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In a recent development, Mr. Gayton McKenzie has shared his thoughts on how the South African government can effectively address the issue of load shedding and the subsequent rolling blackouts, which have had a devastating impact on businesses across the country.


Mr. McKenzie believes that load shedding can be brought to an end within 12 months if the government taps into and harnesses the significant gas deposits in Central Karoo. He alleges that the persistent occurrence of load shedding is primarily due to the government’s reluctance to invest in major interests.

He advised President Cyril Ramaphosa to initiate the extraction and utilisation of the gas reserves in Central Karoo without delay.

Mr. McKenzie expressed his views through a statement on Twitter, stating:

“Load shedding can be ended within 12 months if you extract the proven gas from Central Karoo. The problem is that we have leadership that is scared of big interests. Instead of ensuring a stable power supply, they would rather keep their people in darkness. Let’s extract the gas immediately and rescue our economy.”

Mr. McKenzie’s proposition highlights the potential of gas extraction as a viable solution to the energy crisis in South Africa.



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Photo: Facebook / @Gayton Mckenzie

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