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South Africa’s electricity woes continue with record-breaking load shedding in 2023



2023 has the most load shedding in history

In a shocking announcement, Hohm Energy, South Africa’s solar marketplace, has revealed that 2023 has the most load shedding in history. As a result, Hohm Energy has launched a humorous but hard-hitting video campaign to encourage consumers to take control of their vulnerable situation. You can watch the video campaign at the link below:

The data is in, and it’s not good news. The gigawatt hours load shed in 2022 was 11 759 GWh total. However, as of Wed, 10th May at 6 pm, we have already experienced 11 970 GWh of load shedding in 2023. This increase means we have already experienced more load shedding in 2023 than in 2022.

According to reports, South Africa has experienced an average of stage 4 load shedding every day in 2023, compared to an average of stage 3 in 2022. It is becoming increasingly apparent that both home and business owners can no longer rely on Eskom to provide reliable electricity.

That’s where Hohm Energy comes in to solve the problem by providing a turnkey quality solar solution with an option to finance. Hohm has expertly designed this innovative platform to match the growing demand for reliable power sources. Tim Ohlsen, CEO of Hohm Energy, highlights the platform’s potential, stating, “Hohm is a software company that has built a marketplace and platform to enable the South African solar industry to scale while providing a convenient and trusted service experience for everyone.”


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With a record 25,000+ users on the platform, Hohm Energy has generated over 11,800 matches between customers and installers, leading to R2.3 billion worth of solar solutions. This number has provided 76 Megawatts of solar demand and attracted R1.1 billion worth of finance applications that Hohm passed onto its network of finance partners, equivalent to 37+ Megawatts.

Partnering with MFC, a division of Nedbank, Hohm Energy offers homeowners innovative solar finance products akin to asset-backed vehicle finance, even if they don’t have a bond or bank with Nedbank.

“No South African should ever have to be in the dark. Reliable power should be a basic human right,” Ohlsen adds, reinforcing Hohm Energy’s commitment to light up South Africa through affordable and sustainable solar solutions.

Hohm has partnered with other retail banks as a marketplace and can help facilitate mortgage and solar loan finance applications with FNB, Investec, ABSA, and Standard Bank. The result is that all South Africans can enjoy the benefit of solar solutions that meet their need and budget with Hohm’s one-stop-shop solar marketplace.


As we brace ourselves for more load shedding this winter, there’s no better time to turn to Hohm Energy. So harness the power of the sun and join the solar revolution today.

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