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Eskom escalates power cuts to Stage 6 amidst cold weather demand spike



Eskom has escalated power cuts to stage 6

In response to the heightened demand for electricity caused by the cold weather, Eskom has escalated power cuts to stage 6 starting Monday afternoon. According to Eyewitness News, the power utility cited the failure of two generating units, with one team already restored to service, as the initial trigger for increasing the scheduled power cuts.

Daphne Mokwena, a spokesperson for Eskom, confirmed that stage 6 load shedding would begin at 3 pm. She emphasised the importance of conserving energy and urged the public to switch off non-essential appliances to mitigate the need for higher load shedding stages.

“Eskom will continue to provide updates as soon as any significant changes occur. We appeal to all consumers to play their part by reducing electricity usage and minimising the strain on the grid,” Mokwena stated.

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The decision to escalate load shedding to stage 6 reflects the significant strain on Eskom’s power generation capacity, necessitated by the surge in electricity demand brought about by the prevailing cold weather conditions. In addition, stage 6 load shedding entails more severe and prolonged power cuts, further exacerbating the inconvenience faced by households, businesses, and industries nationwide.


As Eskom grapples with generating sufficient electricity to meet the nation’s needs, it has urged the public to exercise energy efficiency and adopt measures to reduce their electricity consumption. By switching off non-essential appliances and employing energy-saving practices, individuals can contribute to alleviating the strain on the power grid and help mitigate the impact of load shedding.

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