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Additional Help Required to Maintain Historic Heritage Site



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Simon Rees, the chair of the Norscot Koppies Kingfisher Nature Reserve, calls for residents to volunteer to conserve the 16.5-hectare reserve in Fourways. The reserve belongs to Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo and is a notable heritage site. It is a former granite quarry dating back to the early 1900s. Traces of this past industrial age, such as the quarries’ equipment and structures, remind us of how Johannesburg began to take shape.

After whose area the Douglasdale was named, Thomas Douglas used to extract granite from the reserve for his building projects. The quarry reserve is proud to display artefacts from the mining era, including buttons, bullet casings, and tools, a valuable heritage information source.

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Rees and volunteers, working together in a very hardworking team, are responsible for maintaining the reserve’s ecological balance and historical value. They collaborate with the city park to guarantee its preservation as a non-profit entity.

Rees organised a cleanup event at the park to further support conservationism on March 23rd. Participants are requested to be prepared to bring tools and supplies that will contribute to restoring the reserve’s natural beauty.


Those desiring to participate in this project can contact Rees at [email protected]. Let’s join hands to protect this irreplaceable natural treasure because we owe it to our coming generations.

Source: Extra hands needed to upkeep rich heritage site

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Picture: Meta / Michele Rees


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