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High School Kempton Park Student Unveils Her Comic Book



High School Kempton Park Student Unveils Her Comic Book

Shaylee van Oostrom, a student at Hoërskool Kempton Park, is on the brink of realising her dreams as her comic book, Demon Force, is now being printed. The 15-year-old, brimming with excitement, shared her journey in an article by the Kempton Express on May 25, where she initially sought donations and aimed to have her book published by November.

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Expressing her joy and satisfaction, Shaylee acknowledged the support she received from donors and emphasised the professionalism of the publishing company. Despite the initial stress and worry associated with a new endeavour, Shaylee highlighted that the publishing process was smooth, and her vision for the comic book was faithfully executed.

Demon Force, a manga-inspired comic, reflects Shaylee’s passion for drawing and her love for this particular genre. For her, comics provide a platform to unleash her imagination, create relatable stories, and bring joy to readers. Looking ahead, Shaylee expressed her desire to delve into animation post-school, aspiring to breathe life into her characters in a dynamic visual form.

Already in the process of developing follow-up comics for Demon Force, Shaylee envisions selling her book at upcoming markets, demonstrating her entrepreneurial spirit. Grateful for the support from her family and others who contributed through donations, Shaylee acknowledged their role in helping her achieve this milestone.


Drawing inspiration from anime and Japanese manga, Shaylee cited My Hero Academia by Kohei Horikoshi as her favourite, praising its captivating story and fantastic illustrations. She revealed that she often channels her creativity into storytelling to overcome sleep troubles, a habit that led to the inception of Demon Force.

Reflecting on the journey, Shaylee shared that she started putting the story on paper in December 2021 and, with the encouragement of her parents, embarked on the publishing process in October. Her mother, Desireé, emphasised the importance of supporting children’s dreams and instilling the belief that nothing is impossible. Despite financial challenges, the family created a BackaBuddy account to assist with costs, expressing satisfaction with the end result and anticipating more achievements in Shaylee’s creative journey.

Source: Hoërskool Kempton Park learner launches her comic book

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