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Man Arrested for House Burglary and Theft in Alberton



house burglary and theft in Brackenhurst

A man was apprehended for house burglary and theft in Brackenhurst in the early morning hours on 3 October. Security was able to catch the suspect on McBride Street.

Director of CPS Security, Tyrone van der Merwe, said that the arrest resulted from an alarm the company received from a client’s property early in the morning.

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“One suspect managed to gain entry into the client’s property and stole a mountain bike,” said Van der Merwe.

Their reaction officers responded swiftly and managed to apprehend the suspect and recover the stolen bicycle on the R59 highway.


Residents in the area have commended the quick response of CPS Security in preventing further criminal activity.

Source: Man nabbed for house burglary and theft in Alberton

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Picture: Supplied by Comaro Chronicle


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