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Pretoria Mother’s Quick CPR Averts Near-Fatal Drowning of Son




In a heart-wrenching incident turned to triumph, toddler Sekani Nzima has emerged unscathed from a near-fatal drowning, all thanks to the swift and knowledgeable actions of his mother, Thandokazi Nzima, who performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Sekani, who fell into a swimming pool, made a remarkable recovery at Netcare Waterfall City Hospital. Thandokazi’s quick response and the collaborative efforts of medical professionals played a pivotal role in ensuring Sekani’s survival.

Thandokazi recounts the terrifying moment when she heard the screams for help after her son fell into the pool. Overwhelmed by shock, she sprinted to the scene, where her neighbour’s child had pulled Sekani out of the water. Despite the panic and fear, Thandokazi initiated CPR, drawing on her training as a mining engineer. The Emergency Operations Centre guided her through the process until professional help arrived. Sekani eventually showed signs of life, marking a turning point in the ordeal.

Grateful for the coordinated efforts that saved Sekani, his father, Sefiso, thank their ancestors, God, and the dedicated medical teams involved. The Netcare 911 emergency response, ambulance, helicopter medics, and hospital staff played crucial roles in Sekani’s journey to recovery.

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Paramedics lauded Thandokazi’s CPR skills, highlighting its decisive impact on Sekani’s survival. The decision to airlift Sekani to Netcare Waterfall City Hospital underscored the urgency of his condition. The medical team, led by paediatric intensivist Dr Palesa Monyake, placed Sekani on an oscillator machine to support his breathing and embarked on measures to mitigate potential brain damage.


Despite the uncertainty surrounding Sekani’s condition, the paediatric ICU team, led by unit manager Jabulile Nxumalo, provided unwavering support to the parents. The emotional journey included a medically induced coma and careful monitoring to ensure Sekani’s well-being. Paediatric pulmonologist Dr Denise Parris commends the team’s dedication, highlighting the joy of witnessing a child fully recover and return home.

Sekani’s sister, Asante, expresses relief at having her little brother back home and playing like before. The Nzima family advocates for CPR education, urging others to learn this life-saving skill. Drowning incidents can happen unexpectedly, and being equipped with essential skills can make a crucial difference. Netcare 911 provides:

  • Practical tips for drowning prevention.
  • Stressing the importance of learning CPR.
  • Supervision.
  • Implementing safety measures around water sources.

The Nzima family’s ordeal is a poignant reminder of the value of preparedness and swift action in emergencies.

Source: Pretoria mom’s CPR saves son from near-fatal drowning

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