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Illegal gambling den uncovered in Randburg by JMPD officers



illegal gambling spot

In a swift response, the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) Operations successfully uncovered an illegal gambling spot in Newlands, Randburg.

Arrive Alive reports that during their routine patrol on Sunday, 21 May 2023, vigilant officers observed a peculiar influx of individuals entering and exiting a shop on Long Road in Newlands. Their instincts signalled that illicit activities might be occurring within the premises.

The officers acted quickly and entered the shop, where they caught sight of a room filled with numerous computers dedicated to online gambling. It became evident that this establishment was operating as an illegal gambling spot. The officers approached the individual in charge, demanding the business’s necessary registration papers and operating license. Unfortunately, the manager failed to produce any legitimate documentation.

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The officers took immediate action. As a result, a male and female suspect were arrested and charged with engaging in illegal gambling. Both individuals were subsequently detained at Florida SAPS, pending further investigation. Additionally, as vital evidence in the case, the officers seized a total of 95 computers, which were duly recorded and booked.


The Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department Communications Unit issued this report highlighting their unwavering commitment to maintaining law and order within the city.

The JMPD encourages residents to report suspicious activities to aid in their ongoing mission to combat crime and uphold the safety and well-being of all Johannesburg residents.

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Picture: Twitter / VehicleTrackerz

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