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Costa Titch’s mother raises suspicion of foul play in son’s death



Costa Titch's mother wants his toxicology report

Almost two months after the famous South African musician died while performing on stage, Costa Titch’s mother wants his toxicology report.

The Standard reports that Lara Langeveld has hinted at foul play since her son’s death. On Wednesday, she pleaded with South African authorities to hasten toxicology tests to find the truth.

Langeveld added that if someone poisoned her son, the culprits would get away with murder if the report was not available in good time.

“The National Health Laboratory Services can take months or even years to finalize toxicology tests. This means I am not the only mother who has to wait for answers.

“It also means if anyone did poison my son, they could get away with murder. I’m pleading for help to get answers as the police cannot do anything without these medical results,” she wrote.


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Langeveld has maintained that she will not rest until she unravels the truth.

Costa Titch, 28, died while performing at the Ultra Music Festival at Expo Centre, Johannesburg, on March 11.

Online videos of the performance showed how Titch fell on stage while performing his hit song “Big Flexa.” Still, his security team assisted him quickly, and he continued with the show.

But, shortly afterwards, he fell again and had to be taken off the stage.


Local police confirmed that they had opened an investigation into the musician’s death, and many speculated that the flashing lights and smoke triggered a seizure.

Costa Titch was known for his unique blend of rap and Amapiano music, which he infused with his style and energy.

He rose to fame with his popular hit songs “Big Flexa,” “Nkalakatha,” and “Activate,” which quickly became fan favourites.

His death came when South Africa was still dealing with the untimely death of fellow rapper AKA, who was shot just a month prior.

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Picture: Facebook / costatitch

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