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Joburg Speaker Arnolds Commends Independent Probe into CoJ’s Investigating Department



independent probe

The City of Johannesburg has initiated an independent probe into its forensics and investigating department, citing irregularities in some of its investigations.

According to EWN, Council speaker Margaret Arnolds highlighted the importance of this move in maintaining transparency and combating corruption within the municipality.

An expert panel of five legal professionals has been appointed to conduct the investigation. Advocate Pule Seleka will lead it.

Establishing an independent committee underscores the city’s commitment to good governance and accountability.

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While the financial implications of the probe have not been disclosed, Arnolds stressed its necessity in addressing any potential maladministration and ensuring public trust.

“We want to investigate, but not do it ourselves. Because I know it always boils down to the fact that they are investigating themselves, so they have the influence to do this and that,” Arnolds commented on the rationale behind the independent inquiry.

The investigation will focus specifically on investigations flagged for possible irregularities rather than scrutinising the entire body of work conducted by the forensics department.

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Picture: Pixabay / Gia Conte-Patel

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