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Tsutsumani Residents Advocate for Ownership Rights



Tsutsumani residents

Tsutsumani residents gathered at Skeen Primary School to express their frustration over the prolonged wait for title deeds, a battle they’ve been fighting since 2010.

Speaking on behalf of the community, Karel Monyapeo emphasised their longstanding struggle for ownership rights, which dates back over a decade.

“This fight for title deeds did not start now. We have been agitating for them since 2010 but all we’ve been getting are empty promises,” Monyapeo lamented.

Residents fear uncertainty, as the absence of title deeds threatens their future security and that of their children.

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David Makhoba echoed Monyapeo’s sentiments, highlighting the urgent need for official documentation confirming their rightful ownership of the houses.

Ward 105 councillor Tefo Raphadu acknowledged the severity of the issue and assured residents of his unwavering commitment to resolving it.

While progress has been made in other areas of Alexandra, Raphadu explained that the delay in Tsutsumani stems from bureaucratic processes involving land transfer from the Gauteng provincial government to the City of Johannesburg.

Despite the challenges, Raphadu reiterated his dedication to concluding the matter, echoing his promise to the community when they elected him as their councillor.

Source: Tsutsumani residents fight for title deeds


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