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City Takes Action Against Illegal Billboards Across Johannesburg



illegal advertising

Johannesburg’s Development Planning Department has decided to take action and remove the clutter of illegal advertising billboards and signs from the entire City, which has become a nuisance.

Such a campaign is more than just taking down the signs that do not comply with the City’s by-laws; it’s an active initiative to deconstruct and remove them.

On Thursday, 28 March 2024, the MMC for Development Planning, Cllr Eunice Mgcina, accompanied by the appropriate department officials, removed an illegal billboard on the N1 Highway in Halfway Gardens, the City of Midrand, as reported by Joburg Newsroom.

The billboard was put up at a national road junction west of Mdantsane without the local council’s approval, as required by the SANRAL Act.

Media owners must check with the Planning Department and Outdoor Advertising Unit on the legal status of their advertising signs to maintain compliance with City by-laws.


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MMC Mgcina said the financial leaks in the City due to the absence of by-laws to deal with illegal advertising can only be plugged through rigorous enforcement of the municipality’s recoupment of the law-abiding portion of revenue.

“We will not hesitate to remove any illegal advertising sign regardless of size or stature,” stated MMC Mgcina, again emphasising that the City would not tolerate any disobedience.

The City constantly collaborates with all concerned parties, such as the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport and the courts, to reconstruct law and order and ensure the municipality gets its rightful parking revenue.

Brand owners, advertisers, and advertising agencies must clear the legal permission of the advertising signs before making any agreements for future markets.


“Our message to all advertising entities in the City is clear: comply or face consequences”, said MMC Mgcina.

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Picture: Unsplash / Simon Hurry

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