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Joburg seeks 24 months to stop load shedding



The new MMC for Finance in the City of Joburg, Sello Morero, aims to eliminate load shedding through private-public partnerships over the next 24 months. He also plans to achieve a 90% revenue collection threshold for rates and services to build a financially resilient city as reported by Business Tech.

The City of Joburg has been trying to lower the severity and frequency of rolling blackouts for some time.

The city has announced an R400 million plan to mitigate load shedding in short to medium term, with broader plans to procure power from independent power producers in a long time.

Morero urges ratepayers to help banish load shedding by being more energy-efficient.

Despite Eskom’s recent announcement of suspending load shedding over the Easter weekend, experts warn that the outlook for load shedding in the coming months looks bleak.


Photo: Facebook / @City of Joburg

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