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Minister Robbed at Gunpoint on Johannesburg Highway Sparks Concern



johannesburg minister robbed

A Johannesburg minister was robbed in a harrowing ordeal. On a busy highway, South African Transport Minister Sindisiwe Chikunga fell victim to an armed robbery. In the early hours of Monday, unidentified assailants targeted Chikunga and her two bodyguards as they attended to a punctured tyre.

According to oneindia, three armed individuals suddenly emerged from nearby bushes, forcing the bodyguards to the ground and disarming them before focusing on Chikunga. The minister was threatened with firearms and robbed of personal belongings. A swift response from law enforcement initiated a search to bring the culprits to justice.

Minister Chikunga shared the traumatic experience with lawmakers during a parliamentary briefing held on Tuesday. She described it as deeply distressing, revealing that her attempts to seek help were thwarted by a robber who pointed a gun at her head and ordered her out of her vehicle.

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This incident highlights a concerning criminal strategy prevalent on South Africa’s major roads. Robbers deliberately puncture vehicle tires using spikes, then seize the opportunity to ambush occupants when they exit their cars for repairs or inspections.


Both bodyguards are receiving support and counselling. The incident has raised serious questions about the security of government officials and the effectiveness of their protection details.

This brazen attack on a high-ranking government official during daylight hours exposes the growing crime rates in South Africa. It emphasises the urgent need for enhanced security measures, especially for public officeholders. A thorough investigation is underway to bring those responsible to justice swiftly.

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