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Busted! Thieves caught red-handed stealing optical fibre in Gillview



stealing optical fibre in Gillview

In a recent incident of criminal activity, JMPD officers made a significant arrest related to stealing optical fibre in Gillview. On June 1, officers conducting patrol duties along Rifle Range and Side roads observed a suspicious-looking male standing near a white Renault Kwid. Curiosity piqued, they approached the vehicle to investigate the situation. To their surprise, they discovered the suspicious individual and five other males attempting to conceal themselves behind the car. At the same time, optical fibre lay scattered on the ground.

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Two individuals fled the scene, but the remaining three suspects were apprehended. While searching, the officers discovered that one of the suspects had an air gun. Further examination of the vehicle revealed the presence of digging tools, a steel saw, and two spare saw blades. Acting promptly, the officers took the suspects into custody. They transported them to the Booysens SAPS station, where they opened a docket for further investigation. The vehicle utilised in the crime was also seized and subsequently booked at the SAPS Aeroton pound.

The investigation will continue as law enforcement authorities work to unravel any potential connections and gather evidence to hold those involved accountable for their actions.

Source: Suspects caught red-handed stealing optical fibre in Gillview


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Picture: Pexels / Ashly Brine

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