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Where has Joburg’s mayor disappeared to?



Kabelo Gwamanda has vanished

Kabelo Gwamanda has vanished under mysterious circumstances since assuming office less than a month ago, raising concerns within the African National Congress (ANC). According to ScrollaAfrica, Fikile Mbalula, the ANC secretary general, expressed unease over Gwamanda’s absence so soon after his election as the ANC-EFF coalition candidate representing the Al Jama-ah party.

Mbalula stated, “The mayor of Johannesburg missing in action is what I have read about, it’s a matter of concern. Why is the mayor going awol, if he is? Together with the provincial leadership, I am going to have a conversation with our deployees to understand exactly what is happening. Not only the mayor but we want our public representatives to be visible.”

Implying that Gwamanda may be neglecting his duties, Mbalula emphasised the importance of elected officials being present and active, particularly during times of crisis for the city. He said, “If a councillor is nowhere to be found then it means you are sleeping on duty. And that should be a concern to us and it is indeed a concern.”

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The situation holds a certain irony, as in December 2022, the Al Jama-ah party criticised the then-mayor of Johannesburg, Mpho Phalatse, for being absent without leave during devastating floods in parts of the city. However, now it is Al Jama-ah’s mayor, Kabelo Gwamanda, who has been missing in action for nearly a month.


Gwamanda’s disappearance comes amidst controversy surrounding his suitability for the position. He faced allegations of involvement in a burial society scheme that defrauded its members, followed by claims that he lacked a matric certificate and formal education. These scandals have further complicated the efforts of Al Jama-ah and the ANC to explain Gwamanda’s absence.

In a curious twist, it turned out that Phalatse’s absence was due to her wedding in Limpopo, adding to the irony of the current situation. The sudden reversal of roles has left the ANC and Al Jama-ah grappling with the unexplained absence of their newly elected mayor, fueling concerns about his commitment to his position and the city.

As the ANC investigates the circumstances surrounding Gwamanda’s disappearance, more questions continue regarding his suitability and ability to govern Johannesburg during a crisis effectively. The residents and stakeholders of the city eagerly await answers and a resolution to the mystery of Kabelo Gwamanda’s vanishing act.

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Picture: Twitter / MYANC

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