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JRA replaces vandalised traffic lights following counselor Faeeza Chame’s reminders



JRA replaced vandalised traffic lights

The JRA replaced vandalised traffic lights on the corner of Diagonal and North roads in Regents Park after several reminders from Ward 57 Clr Faeeza Chame. This action is unsurprising as there seems to be a vandalised traffic light on every corner in Joburg South and Gauteng. In addition, thieves steal traffic lights to sell them to scrap yards, a significant problem that needs addressing.

Clr Faeeza Chame believes that the by-law enforcement department needs to do regular checks on all the scrap yards to ensure they comply and have all their paperwork in order. Also, when no traffic lights work at intersections, it causes severe accidents because some motorists do not observe the road rules.

Motorists are encouraged to keep logging calls if they see fallen traffic lights on the roads. This contribution will make a huge difference and ensure the JRA can continue to replace vandalised traffic lights across the city.

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Replacing vandalised traffic lights is costly, with the Johannesburg Road Agency spending millions annually to keep up with the demand. However, it is a necessary expense to ensure the safety of motorists on our roads. We need to work together as a community to stop the theft and vandalism of traffic lights and other essential infrastructure.


Finally, we must continue to report vandalism and theft to the authorities to ensure the speedy replacement of traffic lights. The JRA and other relevant authorities must proactively address this issue and prevent it from happening. Only through cooperation and vigilance can we create safer roads for everyone.

Source: WATCH: JRA replaces vandalised traffic lights

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Picture: Facebook / JohannesburgRoadsAgency

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