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Sandton’s traffic lights powered by Investec: is this the future of road safety? Motorists speak out!



Investec powers traffics lights in Sandton

Investec powers traffic lights in Sandton as the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) and the Sandton Central Management District lead a new initiative. The plan will see traffic lights at major intersections in Sandton Central operating throughout load-shedding utilising generator power sourced from adjacent building owners.

The Sandton Chronicle attended a launch on May 3 to determine what motorists think about the initiative. In addition, the Chronicle asked some drivers if they thought it was a good idea for them.

Issac Damba, an everyday driver, thinks it is a good thing. He has seen multiple accidents caused by robots not working, and this initiative will reduce accidents and minimise congestion in Sandton during the early hours of the day and late hours when people are going home.

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Thapelo Ndlovu, an Uber driver, says he has spent extra minutes during his rides waiting in traffic, which has affected their customers. This brilliant idea will hopefully be implemented in all the central places, making pickups and drop-offs smoother and more efficient.


Investec has partnered with JRA and Sandton Central Management District to power these traffic lights, ensuring safety and convenience for motorists during load-shedding. This initiative is an excellent example of the public and private sectors working together to create practical solutions that benefit everyone.
This project benefits motorists, reduces traffic congestion, and creates a more sustainable environment.

Source: Motorists voice their thoughts about the new traffic lights initiatives in Sandton

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Picture: Twitter / SandtonCentral

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