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Executive Mayor Cllr Kabelo Gwamanda dismisses scam claims as unfounded



Kabelo Gwamanda

The newly elected Executive Mayor of the City of Johannesburg, Cllr Kabelo Gwamanda, has responded to allegations of fraud, describing them as disingenuous during an interview with Alex News. Gwamanda addressed the issue while visiting Alexandra to launch the youth clean-up programme, ‘Ke Kasi Yarona.’

On his recent fame, Gwamanda stated, “I haven’t even been in office a week but already I’m more famous than I’ve ever been in my life. It may be a good or bad thing, but I’m humbled by the fact that someone is uncomfortable with my election as mayor because if everyone was happy, then the residents would have something to be worried about.”

Regarding the allegations, Gwamanda emphasised the potential damage they could inflict on the goals he aims to achieve as mayor. However, he expressed confidence in the legal processes his legal team is following and stated, “I am still here and happy with how things are and confident in the work that I’m supposed to do for the city.”

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When asked about Ithemba Lama Afrika, a funeral parlour allegedly linked to fraudulent activities, Gwamanda briefly addressed the matter. He explained, “I’m not going to delve too much into it, but it was a social entrepreneurship company that existed when I was much younger than I am now. The same community that embraced and supported me during that time still supports me today.”


Responding to inquiries about his education, Gwamanda compared himself to John Steenhuisen, the leader of the Democratic Alliance, who does not possess a degree. He questioned whether his critics judged his abilities solely based on his race and age, stating, “I am an indigenous child of the soil, and I possess the intelligence necessary for me to lead my people in the direction that is required.”

Undeterred by political plots, Gwamanda reiterated his clear mandate to serve the people of Johannesburg to the best of his ability using the state’s resources. He acknowledged that his appointment might not sit well with everyone. He invited dissenting parties to take legal action, stating that it would allow him to prove himself and showcase the potential of the coalition partners to work with him.

As Gwamanda assumes his role as Executive Mayor, his responses reflect his determination to fulfil his responsibilities and address any doubts or concerns about his capabilities.

Source: Executive Mayor Cllr Kabelo Gwamanda calls scam claims against him as ‘unfounded’

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