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Long-Awaited Upgrade for Kempton’s Swimming Pool Remains Pending



Long-Awaited Upgrade for Kempton's Swimming Pool Remains Pending

While residents across Ekurhuleni eagerly prepare to enjoy the upcoming spring season with visits to public swimming pools, the unfortunate reality persists for Kempton Park swimmers who must endure yet another year without access to a public pool.

The Kempton Express brought attention to this issue on June 15 when it reported on the dire condition of the Kempton Park swimming pool, once an Olympic-sized gem that has suffered from years of neglect. The consequences of this neglect have left the entire facility in a state of disrepair, rendering it vulnerable to criminal activities and turning it into a haven for vagrants.

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The deterioration of the facility is visibly evident. Illegally dumped waste litters the area behind the facility, and the perimeter fencing is in a state of disrepair. Some sections of the boundary wall have collapsed and have been hastily replaced with barbed wire, further highlighting the dilapidation.

During a visit by the Kempton Express to the facility, it was obvious that inadequate security measures had left staff vulnerable to criminal attacks. Vagrants have taken up residence behind the municipal facility and have been linked to numerous break-ins on the property.


A particularly harrowing incident occurred when a large swimming pool pump was stolen. In a valiant effort, the swimming pool staff risked their own safety to recover the stolen property.

Councilor Jaco Terblanche, who represents Kempton Park and serves as the DA spokesperson for community safety, revealed that the City of Ekurhuleni has plans to allocate funds for the much-needed upgrade of the Kempton Park swimming pool in the financial years 2024/25 and 2025/26. This information came to light during discussions in the council.

Terblanche disclosed, “An inspection of the pool was undertaken in 2019, and a report highlighted an estimated cost of over R13 million for the upgrades.” The envisioned upgrade is anticipated to span 16 months, with a budget of R6 million allocated for the 2024/25 financial year and an additional R6.5 million slated for the 2025/26 financial year to fund these vital improvements.

The planned renovation encompasses both the main pool and the children’s pool, both of which have structural cracks necessitating substantial remedial work, as they are currently losing water. The comprehensive upgrade program will involve tasks such as tile removal, leak inspections, and retiling. Furthermore, it will include modernising the pump room and filtration system and enhancements to the chlorine room. A new roof will be constructed above the bathrooms and changing rooms.

In addition to these crucial upgrades, the refurbishment of the clubhouse is in the works, along with enhancements to the DB Board, ceiling partitions, and flooring. New storage structures, a lifeguard booth, and the improvement of the lounge facilities are also on the agenda. These concerted efforts aim to restore the Kempton Park swimming pool to its former glory and provide residents with a safe and enjoyable swimming experience once more.


Source: Kempton’s swimming pool yet to get an upgrade

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Photo: Supplied by Kempton Express

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