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Rugby Fans Applaud Multichoice-SABC Deal for Broadening Access



Rugby Fans Applaud Multichoice-SABC Deal for Broadening Access

South African Minister of Sports, Arts, and Culture, Zizi Kodwa, has announced that a potential World Cup broadcasting blackout has been successfully averted through an agreement reached between the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) and Multichoice. This agreement ensures that the 2023 Rugby World Cup will be televised to the nation as reported by Eyewitness News.

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Initially, the public broadcaster faced the prospect of paying over R37 million for exclusive rights to broadcast all of the Springboks’ games live. However, in a positive development, Multichoice has permitted the SABC to broadcast 16 out of the 48 matches comprising this global sporting spectacle, set to commence on a forthcoming Friday.

Litha Mpondwana, the spokesperson for the minister, affirmed, “Multichoice has announced that it reached an agreement with the SABC to sublicense broadcast rights to the public broadcaster of the Rugby World Cup.” This arrangement ensures that millions of South Africans will have the opportunity to watch crucial matches of the World Cup, including all of the games in which the Springboks are participating.

The news of this agreement has been met with enthusiasm by local rugby enthusiasts, who emphasised the significance of ensuring access for all South Africans to witness the Springboks defend their world title. Many individuals pointed out that not everyone can afford DStv, making the availability of these matches on the national broadcaster a vital step to unite and engage the nation in supporting their team on a global stage. The sentiment expressed by these fans underscores the importance of making major sporting events accessible to a broad audience, fostering national unity and enthusiasm for the sport.


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