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Outrageous accusations: Colleen Makhubele calls no-confidence motion ‘frivolous and racist’



No-confidence motion frivolous and racist: Colleen Makhubele

Johannesburg Speaker, Colleen Makhubele, has received criticism from the DA and ActionSA for allegedly neglecting her duties due to illness. They claim she attended an internal COPE meeting in Tshwane on the same day she was absent from her duties. According to TimesLIVE, the parties have also presented motions of no confidence against Makhubele and former mayor Thapelo Amad, who resigned on Monday evening.

Makhubele denies the allegations and considers them a witch hunt. She challenges the parties to clarify their remarks and refutes any unethical behaviour on her part. Makhubele had undergone a hysterectomy operation and was off duty until April 10, only returning to work last week. During her absence, she had attended to an urgent matter for her party in Tshwane, which she claims is not unethical.

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Makhubele has accused the media of portraying her negatively without seeking her clarification. She believes that if she were a white woman, she would have received praise for returning to work after such an operation. Still, as a black woman, the reaction is different. She states that she cannot ignore matters that require her attention, and personal and private issues are not a reason for a motion of no confidence.

Makhubele will not apologise to the DA and ActionSA; she submitted her leave notice to the council with a medical certificate attached. However, she remains confident of beating the motion of no confidence with the support of the ANC-EFF and minority party alliance. Following Amad’s resignation, Makhubele cancelled the council meeting scheduled for Tuesday, and a new mayor’s election will occur on May 2. Makhubele has also announced her intention to approach the courts to clear her name, as she believes the allegations against her are unfounded and defamatory.


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Picture: Facebook / Colleen Makhubele

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