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Man Arrested for Assaulting Mother and Sister



man assaulted his mother and sister

A man assaulted his mother and sister. After being arrested, he claimed he committed the crime because of drugs.

According to IOL, a rowdy 28-year-old man was nabbed at his house in Ekurhuleni, beating his family members.

Lt. Kelebogile Thepa said that the perpetrator was apprehended on Wednesday morning, around the period of the event.

The confrontation allegedly occurred because the mother was informed that the youngster had brought his friends home with him.

In the moment of the rising anger, he ended up assaulting his mother and pushed her to fall to the floor.


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The sister was alerted to what was happening, so she tried to intervene to get her brother to stop.

She told the police that the brother had made her feel afraid and unsafe.

The cops are considering that drugs could have driven the man to this sort of behaviour.

After his arrest, the suspect was detained at the Daveyton police station and later expected to appear before the magistrates at the court.


This was not the only case of its kind reported, but it made it evident that community projects, especially those that could solve this issue, were needed.

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