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Meter Upgrades Commence in Alex and Surrounding Suburban Areas by City Power



meter upgrades

City Power’s meter upgrades have commenced in Alexandra and surrounding suburban areas. City Power spokesperson Isaac Mangena states credit tokens will exhaust available numbers by November this year unless reset. The utility is intensifying efforts to upgrade prepaid meters to ensure continued functionality beyond the November 24 deadline. This initiative falls under the token identifier (TID) programme initiated on August 15 last year.

Mangena cautioned that due to outdated technology, all prepaid meters will cease electricity dispensing by November 24. Failure to upgrade meters by then will result in non-functionality, he warned. Authorised agents will conduct audits, resets, and replace prepaid meters at no cost to customers in Alexandra and nearby areas serviced by the Alexandra Service Delivery Centre. Customers are urged to cooperate and allow access to their properties for the upgrade process.

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These agents can be easily identified by their yellow TID-branded bibs or T-shirts and valid ID cards. Mangena cautioned against potential criminal activities, urging customers to verify the credentials of TID agents by contacting the number provided on their branded bibs or ID cards. The meter upgrading service is free, and customers are advised not to make any payments for such services.

Residents are encouraged to report any suspicious activities related to meter resetting or encounters with individuals lacking TID-branded attire and valid ID cards. The meter upgrade schedule spans various areas, with specific start and end dates allocated to each. City Power’s contact centre and customer desks at service delivery centres (SDCs) are available for support during this period.


Source: City Power meter upgrades started in Alex and nearby suburban areas

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