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Court Hears Top Cop’s Testimony: Meyiwa’s Murder Was a Targeted Hit, Not a Robbery Gone Wrong



murder of meyiwa was a hit

In a surprising revelation during the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial, the lead investigator, Brigadier Bongani Gininda, informed the court that the murder of Meyiwa was a hit, not a robbery gone wrong. Reading out his affidavit, Gininda stated, “Investigations which resulted with evidence under oath revealed that the victim was murdered as a contractual assassination or hit rather than a robbery gone wrong. According to IOL, evidence under oath revealed that five suspects actively participated in the planning and execution of contractual murder of Senzo Meyiwa.”

Gininda, who also heads the SA Police Service’s National Cold Case Unit, shared that the five murder accused were known hitmen involved in alleged contract killings related to KwaZulu-Natal taxi wars. Providing details of their alleged involvement, he clarified that accused number four, Mthokoziseni Maphisa, guarded outside the house while the others went inside, armed with a small firearm.

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The ongoing trial includes a trial-within-a-trial to determine the admissibility of confessions made by accused number one, Muzikawukhulelwa Sibiya, and accused number two, Bongani Ntanzi. Both claim to have been assaulted and forced to confess, but Gininda denies the allegations, stating they confessed willingly. He added that Ntanzi even negotiated a plea bargain with the State, willing to implicate the other accused for a reduced sentence.

After presenting his affidavit, Judge Ratha Mokgoatlheng remarked that it was hearsay evidence and not admitted as part of the evidence. The trial continues with Gininda still under cross-examination.


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