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Johannesburg Water Introduces Prepaid Smart Meters Today



new prepaid smart meters on 1 November 2023

Johannesburg Water makes a significant transition, introducing new prepaid smart meters on 1 November 2023.

Cosmo City, the first suburb chosen for the rollout, is now switching from the open billing system to the more advanced prepaid smart meters courtesy of Johannesburg Water, according to The South African.

This transformation comes after Johannesburg Water conducted a thorough consultation with ward councillors and the local community. The purpose was to educate residents about the benefits of the new prepaid smart meters, the process of purchasing water, the significance of timely service payments, and the Expanded Social Package (ESP).

To facilitate this shift, Johannesburg Water is calling upon the residents of Ward 100 and Ward 114 to ensure that they all possess a Customer Interface Unit (CIU). CIUs are display units installed inside households and are essential for loading units when purchasing water credits through prepaid water meters.

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Residents who have not received a CIU should send a WhatsApp message to 064 083 4765, including the property owner’s name, physical address, meter details, and contact information.

In the case of lost CIUs, there is a replacement fee of R790. The Johannesburg Water Service Center on Massachusetts Crescent in Cosmo City Ext 0 will assist.

Johannesburg Water emphasises that the refusal to transition to prepaid smart meters will result in Level 3 water cuts. Residents will then need to pay for reconnection services.

In a separate context, the DA (Democratic Alliance) has expressed support for residents raising concerns about Eskom’s proposed R16 billion smart meter installation program. The DA insists on proper public engagement for Eskom’s multi-billion rand smart meter initiative, citing widespread apprehension and a lack of trust among the South African public regarding this program.

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