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Rand Water Collaborates with Municipalities to Tackle Supply Challenges



Rand Water is working with municipalities

Rand Water is working with municipalities to tackle Gauteng’s ongoing water supply challenges.

As water scarcity continues to affect many areas in the City of Johannesburg, some residents depend on water tankers, according to EWN. At the same time, Tshwane authorities have warned about rapidly declining reservoir levels.

Rand Water’s management recently presented an overview of the situation, highlighting the struggle faced by most provincial municipalities to meet the growing demand for water supply.

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While municipalities in Gauteng are working to replenish water levels in their reservoirs, Rand Water assured that its pumping systems are maintaining a stable water supply to municipal customers without disruptions.


Recognising the challenges faced by municipalities in Johannesburg, Tshwane, and Ekurhuleni, Rand Water’s COO, Mahlomola Mehlo, revealed that the bulk water supplier has committed to supporting municipalities in addressing their supply difficulties.

He stated, “We have daily joint sessions to discuss water-related challenges, addressing them in a spirit of partnership.”

One of the most affected areas, Linmeyer in Johannesburg, has experienced dry taps for over 55 days, underscoring the urgency of resolving these water supply issues.

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