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Parkmore’s 13th Street: Battling the Persistent Pothole Problem



potholes in Parkmore

Potholes in Parkmore are returning due to an ongoing water leak on 13th Street at the intersection with Olympia Avenue.

Just two weeks ago, Discovery’s Pothole Patrol had undertaken repairs to address the potholes. However, according to resident Roz Brook, the potholes have resurfaced due to the persisting water leak. Brook noted that water continuously flows down the street, exacerbating the pothole problem.

“The real problem is that there has been a water leak on the corner of 13th Street for months now that has not been fixed,” explained Brook. “Four days after they fixed the potholes, they were all open again even worse than before. You have to wait to drive on the other side of the road where there is also a hole. I reported the water leak on August 11, but nothing has been done.”

Lori Klein, the suburb manager of the Parkmore Community Association, compared the situation to a warzone, supplying images that highlighted the severity of the issue.

Klein emphasised that this situation has far-reaching consequences, including vehicle damage and potential safety hazards due to sudden braking when drivers encounter potholes unexpectedly.


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“Pothole Patrol has come twice to repair the potholes, but it’s of no use when the water keeps running down the road – the potholes open quickly with water,” Klein stated. “Driving on the left side of the road going north down Coleraine has become impossible at this intersection of Olympia Avenue and 13th Street in Parkmore.”

Responding to the concerns, Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) spokesperson Bertha Peters-Scheepers acknowledged that the re-emergence of potholes could be due to the persistent water issue. She confirmed that the problem stems from a burst pipe, which Joburg Water has assured they will address.

Once Joburg Water resolves the water leak issue, JRA plans to proceed with road repairs in the affected area.

Contacted on August 17 about the water leak, Joburg Water external communication officer Nolwazi Dhlamini acknowledged the query and indicated that it might take over 48 hours to receive feedback from the relevant depot. However, as of the publication, there has been no further communication from Johannesburg Water regarding the status of the water leak.


Source: World War Pothole on Parkmore’s 13th Streets

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