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Obstruction on Public Road: E-Hailing Vehicles Removed from Gautrain Station Area



e-hailing vehicles obstructing a public road

Following the inaugural security meeting conducted by the Region A Citizen Relationship Unit Management and Region A officials to enhance law enforcement measures in Midrand, concerns have arisen regarding e-hailing vehicles obstructing a public road.

The meeting, which took place in May, aimed to bolster law enforcement efforts in the Midrand area. This initiative was prompted by Ward 132 councillor Annette Deppe’s observation of an escalating number of vehicles occupying public spaces and bus stops, leading to congestion and disruptions.

Recently, the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) responded to complaints by removing e-hailing vehicles that had obstructed one lane at the Gautrain Station intersection on Pretoria Main Road and Dale Road. The vehicles’ presence had caused significant traffic congestion, particularly during peak hours.

The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) is preparing to introduce clear signage in key Midrand locations to designate zones where e-hailing vehicles cannot wait for passengers to address this issue. This strategic signage approach should guide e-hailing drivers and prevent them from occupying public roadways improperly.

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Xolani Fihla, the spokesperson for the JMPD, highlighted that the removal of the e-hailing vehicles was due to their failure to adhere to traffic regulations that prohibit prolonged occupation of public spaces. This practice disrupts traffic flow and endangers pedestrians and other motorists.

Bertha Peters-Scheepers, the spokesperson for the JRA, affirmed that the planned signage implementation aligns with the guidelines set forth by the South African Road Traffic Safety Management Association. These visible indicators will play a pivotal role in ensuring that e-hailing vehicles do not encroach upon public space in the Midrand vicinity.

Through the collective efforts of the JMPD, JRA, and local authorities, removing improperly parked vehicles and the forthcoming signage implementation is anticipated to alleviate traffic congestion and enhance road safety for commuters and drivers.

Motorists should consistently uphold traffic laws and regulations, and the JMPD remains committed to managing traffic and enforcing road rules to ensure a safer and more efficient urban environment.

Source: E-hailing vehicles removed at the Gautrain station as they were causing an obstruction on a public road


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