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Water Infrastructure Crisis in Bedfordview Prompts Urgent Petition



Bedfordview water infrastructure crisis

Locals have been grappling with a severe Bedfordview water infrastructure crisis that has persisted for over a week, sparking concern and a call to action from Ward Clr Jill Humphreys. She has initiated a petition to draw attention to the dire state of the ageing water infrastructure in the area.

Humphreys voiced her frustration, stating, “Our water infrastructure in Bedfordview is broken, and I can’t see how the city is going to fix it. Right now, I have over 50 broken pipes and water running all over Bedfordview but not in people’s taps – it is unacceptable.”

Bedfordview, an upmarket suburb, plays a significant role in employment, business opportunities, and city revenue. The ongoing water crisis is a severe concern for residents, and Humphreys is determined to make this issue known. She initiated the petition on September 1, which has already gained substantial support from the community.

Water tankers have been deployed to Oriel and Van Buuren roads to provide some relief to residents during this crisis. However, Humphreys’ primary goal with the petition is to shed light on the challenges faced by various city departments responsible for water infrastructure.

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Expressing her concerns, she explained, “We have dedicated officials who are working extremely hard, but they lack the necessary resources. They don’t have sufficient vehicles, equipment, or materials.”

Fixing pipes and addressing water infrastructure problems requires resources currently in short supply. Humphreys emphasised that community organisations and members are eager to assist in resolving the crisis.

“As they recognise the enormity of the problem, and as the heads of departments seem to be avoiding me, I have requested a meeting to establish a memorandum of understanding with the department and our community. I am still awaiting a response,” Humphreys stated.

The petition will remain open for a month as residents and local leaders work together to address Bedfordview’s pressing water infrastructure issues.

Source: Bedfordview water crisis attributed to ageing infrastructure


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