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Wife Sentenced Alongside Husband and Others in R200 Million Sars Fraud Case, Exposing R90,000 Girlfriend Allowance



Sars fraud case

In a striking development, a trio convicted of a R200 million Sars fraud case have appeared in court and shown the world a web of deceit that cost over six years of Sars money.

According to IOL, it was the South Gauteng High Court sitting in Johannesburg that applied punishment to three members of the VAT fraud gang who had plotted the scheme between 2009 and 2015 and sucked up as much as possible from the Sars system loophole. The Directorate, led by Jeremiah Musiwacho Dube, Maxwell Ndlovu Mavudzi, and Boaz Chilala, devised a plan of fraudulently submitting Value Added Tax returns to claim VAT refunds.

Gauteng NPA spokesperson Phindi Mjonondwane detailed the syndicate’s method of operation. Its members fraudulently claimed VAT for oil buying and importing, totalling R200 million. Nevertheless, Sars had disbursed just R100 million before discovering the fraud.

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The start of the end for the syndicate came as an anonymous tip to Sars from Rebecca Dube, Dube’s wife. Speculations regarding an affair between Dube and Constance Ramone, real name Moliehi, emerged, exposing alleged fraudulent transactions and a way of life above their means.


We learn that the young lady named Ramone, who is Dube’s girlfriend, got 10 years sentence, while Dube himself was given a longer 65-year term. It is interesting to note that even the co-conspirator, Mavudzi, was given a 65-year sentence, highlighting the gravity of their crimes. The sentencing is a strong signal towards those who would consider defrauding the South African Revenue Service as it is a sign of a no-nonsense approach towards any financial crime.

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