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Canines Receive Treatment for Acid Burns



acid burns

In a distressing tale of animal cruelty, two dogs named Betty and Maxime are recovering from severe acid burns which were inflicted on them by a Wattville man. Understandably, community members have felt tremendously disheartened and have condemned this inhumane act.

The Benoni SPCA is instituting the process of the law against the victimiser of the dreadful deed, which stained the poor dear animals with third-degree burns. The incident appeared to the dogs’ owners as the dogs were biting each other in a very menacing way, with their skin painfully peeling off.

The SPCA manager, Irene Jacobs, articulated disbelief and bewilderment when reaching the venue where the dogs were hiding under the car, obviously seeking something that could alleviate the unbearable pain they were experiencing. The team instantly attended to the dogs’ medical needs and offered them treatment.

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The suspect, according to the eyewitness, was a middle-aged fellow who may have had a mental problem, thus explaining the tragic manner in which he carried out the event. The investigations are still underway.


“This heinous act makes us sick to our core and should not go unpunished. The dog’s owner is heartbroken,” exclaimed Cronje, stressing the enormous damages caused by miscreants’ cruelty to innocent animals and owners. The proprietor is unpleasantly experiencing the emotional strain of the crisis, torn up inside because of it.

While they experienced countless harrowing experiences, Betty and Maxime demonstrate an unmatched level of resilience and are already on the journey to recovery. The Benoni SPCA has solicited the details of those willing to open their hearts to these strong creatures, urging them to contact the SPCA for adoption inquiries.

Source: Dogs treated for acid burns

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Picture: Supplied by Benoni City Times

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