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Call to prioritise road safety among South African youth to curb road carnage



SA's road carnage

Many unnatural deaths result from car crashes in the country, contributing to SA’s road carnage. And this Youth Month, the Automobile Association urges youth to stay safe on the roads. It’s calling on parents and guardians of young drivers to prepare their children for driving. In eNCA’s recent report, they interviewed the AA’s Layton Beard.

Young people should learn to drive safely, not bribe and buy licenses. That’s the view of the Automobile Association, which emphasises the importance of road safety during Youth Month. With nearly half of all road fatalities in 2022 occurring among those aged between 20 and 39, the AA’s Layton Beard stresses the need for young drivers to develop safe driving habits.

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“We need a lot more traffic officers to ensure the law is being applied,” Beard adds, highlighting the importance of enforcement to curb road carnage. As part of their efforts, the Automobile Association encourages comprehensive driver education and training programs targeted at young drivers to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the roads responsibly.

By promoting responsible driving behaviour and guiding young drivers, the AA aims to reduce the alarming statistics associated with road accidents among the youth. Road safety education and enforcement efforts are crucial in creating a safer driver environment. The AA’s call to prioritise road safety during Youth Month serves as a reminder of the collective responsibility to prevent unnecessary loss of life on South Africa’s roads.


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Picture: Facebook / Layton Beard

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