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Hunt Persists for Canadian Timber Wolf on the Loose



Canadian Timber wolf search continues

In the Benoni Agricultural Holdings area, residents are urged to remain vigilant as the search intensifies for a Canadian Timber wolf that escaped from a local property on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2023.

Christo Myburgh of Absolute Exotics SA revealed that the one-year-old male wolf broke free from their facility, startled by fireworks. The wolf had recently been rescued from neglect and abuse, arriving at the facility in a traumatised state. The New Year’s Eve fireworks seemingly prompted its escape from the enclosure.

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After a day-long search on January 1, the wolf has been spotted at a farm in the Benoni Agricultural Holdings. Security personnel are now monitoring its movements, with plans to recapture the animal safely.

Emphasising that the wolf is not considered dangerous and is unlikely to pose a threat unless provoked, Myburgh urged residents to refrain from approaching the animal. Instead, they are advised to contact the Benoni SPCA or Absolute Exotics SA if the wolf is sighted.


To report wolf sightings, individuals can contact Absolute Exotics SA at 076 6738540 or the Benoni SPCA emergency number at 073 511 2261.

Source: Search continues for a Canadian Timber wolf on the loose

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Picture: Supplied by Benoni City Times


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