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Simunye Resident Facing Charges of Animal Cruelty



Simunye man has been charged with animal cruelty

The Rand West SPCA has taken a firm stance in the ongoing battle against animal cruelty in various communities. A Simunye man has been charged with animal cruelty, shedding light on animals’ dire conditions. In collaboration with her colleagues last month, RandWest SPCA Inspector Rene van Straaten inspected a community piggery in the area.

Van Straaten stressed the organisation’s mandate to ensure the welfare of animals in their region. During the inspection, it became evident that one pig owner had failed to care for the animals properly. Tragically, one emaciated pig was still alive but highly suffering and had to be euthanised immediately.

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Following this humane but heartbreaking decision, a postmortem examination was conducted on the pig’s remains to determine the cause of its appalling condition. The results confirmed that the pig had indeed been starved.

The Rand West SPCA is working diligently, in collaboration with State Veterinarians and the Rand West City Local Municipality health department, to monitor the remaining pigs’ conditions continuously. This case underscores the SPCA’s commitment to safeguarding the welfare of animals in the region and pursuing justice when it is compromised.


Source: Simunye man faces animal cruelty charges

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