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Sewage Woes Persist at Hospice



sewage leaks

Centurion Hospice has been battling sewage leaks, with staff expressing desperation for a solution amidst ongoing challenges. The repeated leaks have persisted despite initial hopes for resolution with the completion of a bridge to alleviate some of the issues. Initially scheduled for completion by April 29, delays arose due to contractor issues, pushing the new completion date to May 3. Unfortunately, on April 26, the leaks exacerbated, breaching parts of the building and intensifying the urgency for remedial action, as spokesperson Hyla van den Berg conveyed. The hospice reported another incident on April 30, further highlighting the persistent nature of the problem.

The hospice, situated near a sinkhole that emerged on Clifton Avenue in 2022, has faced ongoing challenges, necessitating the diversion of sewage lines and utilities. However, these temporary measures have proven inadequate, with frequent blockages and instances of theft exacerbating the situation. The recent influx of sewage onto hospice grounds underscores the urgency for proactive management to prevent overwhelming the facility. With 16 beds catering to terminally ill patients, the hospice relies heavily on donations to sustain its operations, emphasising the financial strain imposed by the ongoing sewage issues. Van den Berg stresses the need for specific cleaning aids and chemicals to maintain hygiene standards and avoid contamination.

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While hopes are pinned on the completion of the bridge to address some challenges, manual interventions and proactive measures remain imperative to mitigate the impact of sewage leaks. Metro spokesperson Lindela Mashigo acknowledges the urgency of addressing the sinkhole but notes that repairs can only commence once it ceases expanding and geotechnical investigations are complete.

Source: Hospice sewage woes continue


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