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Voters in Alex: No Change Despite 30 Years of Democracy



Alexandra township

Alexandra township residents are growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of improvement in living standards, especially considering they only seem to be remembered during election seasons. As per Drum, The historic township has long struggled with inadequate services, perpetuated by overstretched infrastructure and persistent overcrowding issues.

Despite three decades passing, progress has been minimal, leaving residents disillusioned with the insincere speeches and empty promises of politicians. As one of the oldest communities, Alexandra faces significant challenges, including a shortage of housing, water, sanitation, and limited healthcare facilities.

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Thabo Mopasi, a community elder, highlights the situation’s urgency, particularly regarding the continued use of bucket systems for toilets. Despite past announcements of renewal projects and promises of housing developments, tangible progress has slowly materialised.

Mopasi squarely blames the government for its failure to meaningfully address the township’s issues. He advocates for candid conversations and implementing practical solutions to uplift Alexandra and its citizens.


Source: ‘30 years of democracy have brought no change in Alex’ – Voters

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