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St Dunstan Pays Tribute to Fallen Heroes



St. Dunstan's College

St. Dunstan’s College paid tribute to fallen heroes on November 10, commemorating Remembrance Day and honouring the selfless soldiers who lost their lives during the world wars. The service, attended by about 30 veteran soldiers from various service organisations, aimed to reflect on the past and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Dr Steve Whitelaw, the event organiser, highlighted the school’s annual tradition of holding a remembrance service for old soldiers. Aileen Thompson, wife of Joe Thompson, who organised tours to the battlefields of Europe, participated in this year’s event.

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During the service, learners paid tribute to the fallen heroes by singing Remembrance Day songs, and guests laid wreaths adorned with bright red poppies. Addressing the audience, Aileen Thompson shared her memories of observing Remembrance Day annually on November 11 since her earliest childhood. She emphasised the significance of St Dunstan’s School as a living memorial to all who died, spanning 105 years from 1918 to 2023. Aileen Thompson underscored the school’s commitment to remembering those who sacrificed their lives for freedom, echoing St Dunstan’s motto, “I Serve.”

Thompson highlighted her husband’s love for history and World War history, highlighting the strong bond between Father Joe and Dr Steve Whitelaw. Together, they designed history tours that took senior college students overseas to explore battlefields and historical sites in 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2017. Thompson emphasised that Remembrance Day is an opportunity to remember all loss of life in the service of others, not just from the World Wars. She described the commemoration as a purpose-filled re-engagement with history, acknowledging the activity’s complexity beyond simple passive recollection. The service at St. Dunstan’s College stood as a poignant tribute to those who have served and sacrificed for the cause of freedom.

Source: St Dunstan honours fallen heroes


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