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Students Gain Empowerment Through Solar Power Education



Students Gain Empowerment Through Solar Power Education

Grade 3 students from Curro Douglasdale embarked on an imaginative journey into outer space as part of their solar energy system education. This creative approach helped these young learners grasp the concept of how sunlight is transformed into electrical energy, which can then be utilised to power various appliances and devices.

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The educational experience also included lessons on the cost-saving benefits of solar energy usage and its applicability on both small and large scales. This knowledge arrived at an opportune moment, coinciding with the recent announcement from the power utility that the country had reached stage six of load-shedding.

This innovative learning approach not only empowered the students with a deeper understanding of solar energy but also highlighted its relevance in the face of ongoing energy challenges.

Source: Learners get empowered with solar power lessons


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Photo: Supplied by Fourways Review

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