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Councillor Adopts Schools in His Ward for Cleaning



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Ward 79 Clr Njabulo Mbonani, in adherence to the ANC’s directive for party-deployed councillors, has taken the initiative to adopt and clean three schools in his ward.

Mbonani, who initially adopted Ntokozweni Primary School, explained that the ANC mandates councillors to clean one high school and one primary school in their respective wards. Given that he oversees only three schools, he decided to extend his commitment to all of them.

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On a proactive Wednesday morning, Mbonani, alongside fellow party members from the ward, commenced the cleaning initiative at Ntokozweni Primary School. Expressing the continuation of their efforts, Mbonani stated that they would soon visit Langaville Secondary School and Khangezile Primary School for similar cleaning endeavours.

Source: Councillor adopts schools in his ward


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