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Pretoria Hijacking: Intercepted Toyota Prado Bound for Zimbabwe in Limpopo



hijacked in Pretoria

In a recent anti-smuggling operation, Limpopo police made significant strides, apprehending two individuals and seizing a stolen Toyota Prado valued at over R1 million. Initially hijacked in Pretoria, the vehicle was intercepted while escorted towards Zimbabwe via the Beitbridge Border Post, according to IOL.

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Authorities initiated a swift car chase along the R71 bypass in Polokwane. This action resulted in law enforcement successfully apprehending the suspects, aged 26 and 27. Charges against them include possession of a suspected stolen vehicle and reckless driving.

The apprehended individuals will face legal proceedings on Monday. This incident echoes a previous interception in November 2022 when Limpopo police thwarted the transit of another hijacked Toyota Prado bound for Zimbabwe.

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Picture: X / SAPoliceService

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