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Cutting a tree down in Johannesburg could cost you R60 000



tree cutting fine in Johannesburg

You will have to check with City Parks if you’re thinking of cutting down the tree in front of your house. If you cut down a tree without permission, you have to pay a tree-cutting fine of up to R60 000. So more residents must become aware of this rule or suffer costly penalties.

The high cost of cutting trees down without permission is due to the many advantages that trees provide to the city. Trees improve air quality, reduce noise pollution, and increase property values. They provide a home for birds and other wildlife. Additionally, they help save energy by supplying shade in the summer and windbreaks during winter.

To get permission to cut a tree down, you must apply to City Parks.

Trees are essential to Johannesburg’s infrastructure, and removing one without proper permission can be costly. If you are considering removing a tree from your property, apply to City Parks first. Doing so will help you avoid incurring any unnecessary fees.

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