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Improvement in water quality observed in Tshwane



water quality in Tshwane

The water quality in Tshwane has shown signs of improvement after many areas experienced the problem of brown water flowing from their taps. Residents have reported that the water is clear and clean, relieving the previous concerns. For example, Anele Nojiwa, a resident of Little Manhattan in Pretoria West, confirmed that the water quality had improved, stating that the water became clear from Sunday morning and remained so when she left her house. The city has been actively communicating with residents since the reports of dirty water emerged, addressing the issue and working towards a resolution.

Lehlohonolo Modiba of Sunnyside also shared a similar experience, mentioning that the water quality started deteriorating on Saturday morning with the appearance of brownish water. However, a slight change was noticeable by Sunday, and when residents woke up on Monday morning, the water was clear. The positive feedback from residents regarding the improvement in water quality has been consistent.

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Councillor Shaun Wilkison, who has been in contact with residents, acknowledged the reports of water slowly returning to various areas in the east as a positive sign. He highlighted that the water supply for residents experiencing brown water came from the Carina reservoir, which received its water from Klapperkop, covering areas from Groenkloof to the Moot. While the water colour has lightened, traces of discolouration were still present, but the situation is gradually improving.

Wilkison advised residents to continue using water sparingly to aid in the recovery process. As an update on the water levels in the reservoirs, the current figures indicate that levels are relatively low but recovering, with Carina East at 2.37%, Carina North at 6.45%, Carina South at 1.32%, Klapperkop NE at 6.73%, Klapperkop North at 15.5%, Klapperkop South at 6%, and Klapperkop SW at 18%.


Upon becoming aware of the brownish water issue on Saturday, the metro promptly communicated across its social platforms, urging residents to filter and boil the water before consumption. The ongoing efforts by the city and the positive feedback from residents indicate a positive trajectory towards fully resolving the water quality concerns in Tshwane.

Source: Water quality in Tshwane improves

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