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Reddam House Bedfordview Triumphs in Global Robotics Competition



international robotics competition reddam learners shine

Reddam House Bedfordview has secured a remarkable victory at the Inspired Build 2023, an international robotics competition that draws young innovators worldwide.

In this fiercely contested event, which featured participants from 111 schools across 24 countries spanning five continents, Reddam House Bedfordview distinguished itself by claiming awards in three of the six age categories.

The essence of the competition revolves around challenging budding inventors between the ages of seven and 13 to conceive and construct robots, with each year introducing a fresh theme. In the 2023 edition, the theme was aptly named ‘Environmental Innovation.’

In the nine to 10 age category, Songman Yin and Christian Tallarico emerged victorious with their creation, the Waste Monster. They dedicated this aquatic marvel to the noble cause of ridding the oceans of floating trash.

In the 10 to 11 age category, Leeya Mayet’s innovative Rainbow Paper Scraper claimed the top spot. This land-based solution is ingeniously designed to collect waste paper.


The age 11-12 category witnessed the triumph of Kian Bageloo and Michael Cole with their invention, the Blue Crane. This magnetic crane possesses the remarkable ability to segregate metals from waste, contributing significantly to recycling efforts.

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In celebration of this outstanding achievement, the school hosted its annual robotics showcase on September 13. Brenda Kahl, Head of Grade Four Science and Robotics, commended the young participants for their creativity and determination. She highlighted the importance of nurturing a mindset that believes no challenge is impossible, particularly when addressing global issues like environmental preservation.

Kahl also noted that the inter-house showcase provides a valuable platform for learners who may not be as inclined toward traditional sports. The event is an alternative avenue for students to express their talents and creativity.

Speaking about her creation, Grade Four pupil Leeya expressed her inspiration, stating, “I was inspired by seeing so much litter. I thought, why not make a robot that would pick up the paper? It was challenging. I had to find a way to make an ice cream bucket fit into the creation and find the right code.”


The prestigious St Louis School of Milan hosted the competition and drew nearly 100 robot entries in each age category. The achievements of Reddam House Bedfordview serve as a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration in addressing pressing global challenges.

Source: Reddam learners excel at international robotics competition

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Picture: Facebook / Reddam House Bedfordview


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